About Us

We are an IT start-up based in Vienna.

Wingpaper is a spinoff of Vangardist Media GmbH.
VANGARDIST Magazine has won 30 international marketing awards, including 9 Cannes Lions.

Wingpaper was founded in 2015. Since then, it has been backed twice by the FFG and by Google Cloud, as part of their ‘Spark’ programme for innovative start-ups.

We are familiar in

Front End Development

Language:  Javascript
Frameworks/Libraries: React, Redux, Express, SASS/CSS, HTML5

Back End Development

Languages: Ruby, Javascript
Frameworks/tech: Ruby on Rails, Restful API, Node.JS, RabbitMQ, NGINX, Google

Online Publishing Technologies

PDF semantic analysis, PDF to HTML5, PDF thumbnails and cover converters, document recommenders, analytics

UI/UX Design

Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

Mobile Applications

iOS, Android apps

Web Strategy

We offer competent advice for tailor-made solutions. some more text


Our story began back in 2005, when we started developing the business plan for our first start-up, Vangardist Media, in the kitchen of our student apartment. Our plan was to create an online publishing company, spearheaded by VANGARDIST magazine. However, we soon discovered the need for new technologies in online publishing and decided to make our own through a new branch of Vangardist Media, specialising in IT. And so Wingpaper was born.

Our Skills


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HTML & CSS100%

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Sketch / Photoshop100%

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